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Adding the Sermon Browser to Facebook

Adding the Sermon Browser to your Facebook page can be accomplished using free a third party Facebook app. There are a few to choose from. We will highlight one below. It is called Static IFRAME tab by Woobox.


1. Once you have copied the link go to your Facebook page for your church and search for the Static IFRAMES app by typing “Static IFRAME tab” into the search box at the top of the Facebook page. Click on Use Now button and you will be taken to a page on Facebook where you can install the app for the pages you wish to use it on.


2. Select the pages you wish to use it on from the list by clicking on the “Add Tab To Page” button.


3. The tab will be added to your page and will show up as “Welcome” by default. Navigate to your Facebook page and select the tab either from the menu on the left or the icon in the page itself.



4. On the tab settings section select the URL radio button and paste the address of the IFRAME version of the Sermon Browser that you copied from SermonAudio. If you have not done this yet see the instructions above.


5. Next, change the Tab name to something more suited to sermon content like “Sermons”


6. And finally, you can also change the image that is associated with your new tab to something more appropriate as well.


7. That’s it, just do not forget to save your changes by clicking the save settings at the bottom.


Congratulations, you now have a Sermon Browser on Facebook!