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Audio Creation Submission and Upload

So you have an account on SermonAudio, now what?  You have many options for recording and uploading your sermons to SermonAudio. This page will help you sort them out.

Summary of steps:

  • Use a digital voice recorder, phone, tablet or PC record directly from your existing sound system using a line in. For those using a phone, tablet or digital voice recorder you can record with a lapel mic OR a line-in connection.
  • Transfer the audio file to your computer (if you are recording directly on an iOS device you can upload directly from your phone).
  • All MP3 files are encoded at 64kbps but you can upload them at any bitrate (64kbps or higher) and we’ll autoconvert them.
  • Use the Submit Sermon form to submit the sermon details and then upload the MP3!

Recording the Audio

The first step is to record the sermon. Our broadcasters use a variety of tools to accomplish this, among them are recording direct to the PC, digital voice recorders, iOS or Android devices, and recording to Audio CD and then ripping to a PC for upload. However you choose to do it, as long as you have a digital file and an internet connection you can load your sermons to the site.

If you have a sound system already in place at the location where the recording will be made you can simply take a line out to any of the following:

  • Direct to PC or Laptop Computer using a sound recording/editing software.
  • Digital Voice Recorder.
  • iOS or Android Device with an appropriate recording app,
  • Audio CD recorder.
If you do not have a sound system in place we recommend using a lapel mic or wireless mic plugged directly into a voice recorder or phone.  This will ensure a good sound level for your recording. Some have even found that open air recording from a phone or tablet works in a pinch but a mic will do much better.

For recording on a PC many have had good success using Audacity for both Windows and Mac but there are many choices out there and there is really no need to spend a lot of money for recording software.  Many software packages like Audacity are free.

The free Voice Record Pro app for iOS devices is also a good choice for those wishing to record directly to an iPad or iPhone. For Android users there are many choices. For those using iOS devices we have upload capability built into our iOS app and it works well with Voice Record Pro as well as a host of other recording apps.

Editing Audio

Once the audio has been created, editing it can be a simple task if all you need to do is trim the beginning and ending to include only the sermon or a little more in depth if you are wanting to improve the quality or remove sections from within the audio itself.

Some apps will allow trimming of the audio but if you need to do this on the PC you can use Audacity or iTunes to trim.

Uploading Audio

You can upload your audio file using the Webform, Dropbox, FTP, SermonAudio App (iPhone only) and even Email! You can upload in any of the following audio formats and we will auto-convert the file for you. Acceptable audio formats include: MP3, WMA, WAV, M4A.

Loading an uncompressed WAV file can be tedious unless you are on very fast connection.  To convert easily to MP3 before upload follow the steps on the Trimming MP3s in iTunes page.  You can ignore the step to trim the file if you simply need to convert.

Once you have the media ready for upload you will need to create the sermon record by submitting it to the database. We have a brief tutorial on submitting sermons to help with this if you need it.

Webform Upload

Once the sermon record has been created you can upload the media in a number of ways, but for most we recommend using the webform. The following video tutorial will bring you up to speed on uploading, editing and deleting sermons if you need help.

We have made it easy for you to upload your sermons in a number of ways. You can even upload in batch.  Below are listed the ways you can send sermons to the site.  Each has its own instruction page and extra charges may apply so read the instructions carefully.

Dropbox (submit and upload)

Great for batch uploads! You can submit and upload sermons in one step via DropBox. For more on this mechanism for upload visit the Dropbox instructions page.

FTP (submit and upload)

Similar to Dropbox you can do batch uploads and both submit and upload mp3 files using this method.  For more visit the FTP instructions page.

iPhone App (submit and upload)

Our iOS app has upload built in for those that are recording on their phone this is a great way to load your sermons to the site.  For more visit the iOS upload help page.

If you need assistance with any of this of course feel to email us at and we will do what we can to help.