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How do I Back up and Restore Sermons on the iPhone App?

To back up the sermons that you have stored on your iPhone in the app open iTunes on your PC and select the device that you wish to back up from or restore to.

iphone backup 1


Next, scroll down until you see the APPS section on the left hand column of iTunes.


iphone backup 2

The apps that you have installed on your device will appear in the right hand column.  Scroll down to the FILE SHARING section and all the apps that allow file sharing will appear in that section. Select the SERMONS app from the list.

iphone backup 3


Once selected the column to the right will be populated with the sermons that are in the app. Select the sermon or sermons that you wish to save to your PC for back up.

iphone backup 4

Finally, click on the SAVE TO button to save them to a location that you select on your PC.

iphone backup 5

The process can be reversed and the files that you saved can be added back into the app using the ADD FILE button. (note: only files saved from the app can be loaded to the app again.)

iphone backup 6