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Can I get a CD or other media mailed to me?

SermonAudio does not make available CDs or other media (i.e. flash drives) to our listeners.  All the sermons on the site can be downloaded freely, and we do not feel that it is a good use of our resources to make the sermons available in other formats.  You are welcome to burn the downloaded sermons to a CD, DVD or other device for archive and later listening.

Some broadcasters do still make CDs available.  If you see the tape and CD graphic on the sermon page, clicking on it will allow you to send a request to the broadcaster for a copy of the Sermon.


If you do not see the graphic but would like to request one anyway you can contact each individual broadcaster using the contact bar at the top of any sermon page on the site.  It is up to each individual broadcaster whether they provide sermons on CD or cassette tape.