Why is Facebook displaying old sermon information?

Sometimes a change will need to be made to the metadata (Title, Speaker, Photo, etc.) of one of your sermons and Facebook will not recognize the changes when sharing the sermon. Whenever a sermon URL is shared, a cached copy is stored by Facebook for a while to minimize the bandwidth, etc. used to fetch the information from the URL whenever another Facebook member shares that same sermon.

To fix this you will need to refresh the cached copy.  To do so, first copy the URL of the sermon page you wish to share. You will usually find it at the top of your browser.

Next, go to this address:


Once there you can copy the URL of the sermon page that you wish to share into the input box at the top of the page and then hit the DEBUG button. Once the debug information is displayed you can re-scrape the URL to get the latest data by hitting the SCRAPE AGAIN button.

Once you have done that you should then be able to share the latest version of your sermon.

How Do I Change the Thumbnail Associated with My Video?

By default we generate a thumbnail for uploaded video by taking a screenshot from the middle of the video.  You can change this however to any frame from the video that you like using the EDIT window on the sermon page itself.  Follow the steps below to make a custom selection for your video.
First, navigate to the sermon page that has the video you wish to change. (This is the page with the big green play button)

Next, click on the EDIT button in the upper right corner of the sermon listing.

Edit button

Then, scroll down until you get to the section entitled: “Video Thumbnail”

Finally, check the box that says: “Yes, Grab Thumbnail” and enter the time of the video frame that you would like to use.

Video Thumbnail Selection

Do not forget to enter your Member ID and Password before hitting the Update button at the bottom.

Update Sermon Button
Give the system a few minutes to process the video and be sure to force refresh your page to see the changes.

That’s it, you just selected a thumbnail for your video.

I changed the title of my sermon. Why will it not update on Facebook?

Facebook keeps an internal cache of posts you make. Changing the sermon details on SermonAudio and re-posting the sermon to your timeline sometimes will not produce the desired result as Facebook will just repost the original sermon information from the cache. To re-rest the cache for a particular sermon you will need to go to the developer console for Facebook here:


Copy the link from the Sermon page and paste it into the “Input URL” box and hit the “Fetch new scrape information” Button.

You should see the new Sermon Details listed below. You can now repost the link to your Facebook page and the data should match what you have placed on SermonAudio.

Note: This process will not change posts already made to Facebook. You will need to remove them manually if you wish to change the Title, etc and re-post after the cache has been cleared.

How do I reset the ID3 tags of my sermons for batch upload?

For single files you can reset the ID3 tags in the file properties window of the operating system or in iTunes or most media player software.

If you have a large library of MP3s that need to be re-tagged for batch upload via FTP or DropBox and you have the ability to export a CSV file from your local MP3 database or spreadsheet. You can import/re-tag your entire MP3 library using the MP3 Bookhelper software.

We highly recommend making a copy of the files before making changes to the actual MP3 tags.

How do I Back up and Restore Sermons on the iPhone App?

To back up the sermons that you have stored on your iPhone in the app open iTunes on your PC and select the device that you wish to back up from or restore to.

iphone backup 1


Next, scroll down until you see the APPS section on the left hand column of iTunes.


iphone backup 2

The apps that you have installed on your device will appear in the right hand column.  Scroll down to the FILE SHARING section and all the apps that allow file sharing will appear in that section. Select the SERMONS app from the list.

iphone backup 3


Once selected the column to the right will be populated with the sermons that are in the app. Select the sermon or sermons that you wish to save to your PC for back up.

iphone backup 4

Finally, click on the SAVE TO button to save them to a location that you select on your PC.

iphone backup 5

The process can be reversed and the files that you saved can be added back into the app using the ADD FILE button. (note: only files saved from the app can be loaded to the app again.)

iphone backup 6

How do I update my speaker photo?

The speaker photo appears in a variety of shapes and sizes on the site and because of this we ask that you simply email an uncropped photo in the JPEG (.jpg) format to photos@sermonaudio.com and we will take care of cropping and posting the picture.

Feel free to include a short biographical sketch (one paragraph or less) of the speaker in the body of the email and be sure to include the name of the speaker so we know who the photo belongs to.

Do I need special licensing to broadcast on SermonAudio?

For all content loaded to the site you must have permission from the copyright holder or it must be in the public domain. If you are inquiring as to special licensing for musical portions of Live webcasts we cannot give legal advice other than to say that we have a slightly different policy for broadcasting Live Webcasts on SermonAudio. We request that the musical portion of any service that is broadcast LIVE over SermonAudio not be considered “Contemporary Music” in nature. We have gathered a large listening audience over the years and many are very conservative in background. We wish to be sensitive with this issue. Additionally, it allows us to avoid many of the copyright issues that are oftentimes associated with contemporary music of contemporary artists. This issue is of course not a problem with any uploaded audio sermons since we do not allow music (or any other non-sermon audio) to be included at all.

Here is a helpful link for Copyright/Music licensing issues.


Can I edit the name of a sermon series once it has been created?

Yes, the name of an entire series can be changed by clicking on the “Apply to All” check box under the subtitle entry in the the edit window for one of the sermons in the series.  You can see more about this on our series help page.

Can I change the order the sermons appear in my podcast feed?

Yes,  If you specify “&sortby=date” to the RSS feed URL, the feed will be sorted by the sermon DATE and the pubDate field will be the sermon DATE (vs the Creation Date by default).

What options do we have for payment/billing?

We currently do not have any other method of payment except by credit/debit card. (A debit card should work without any trouble as long as it has a credit card logo on it.) Monthly billing also allows cancellation at any time without any “year-long” contracts and gives our members greater flexibility in the services that they use from month to month.

We have found that by keeping our billing system unified we keep our own costs down and this helps us to maintain lower monthly rates for our services.

Many members that do not have Church “credit cards” have found that a debit card associated with the church checking account works well.