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How Do I Change the Thumbnail Associated with My Video?

By default we generate a thumbnail for uploaded video by taking a screenshot from the middle of the video.  You can change this however to any frame from the video that you like using the EDIT window on the sermon page itself.  Follow the steps below to make a custom selection for your video.
First, navigate to the sermon page that has the video you wish to change. (This is the page with the big green play button)

Next, click on the EDIT button in the upper right corner of the sermon listing.

Edit button

Then, scroll down until you get to the section entitled: “Video Thumbnail”

Finally, check the box that says: “Yes, Grab Thumbnail” and enter the time of the video frame that you would like to use.

Video Thumbnail Selection

Do not forget to enter your Member ID and Password before hitting the Update button at the bottom.

Update Sermon Button
Give the system a few minutes to process the video and be sure to force refresh your page to see the changes.

That’s it, you just selected a thumbnail for your video.