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I changed the title of my sermon. Why will it not update on Facebook?

Facebook keeps an internal cache of posts you make. Changing the sermon details on SermonAudio and re-posting the sermon to your timeline sometimes will not produce the desired result as Facebook will just repost the original sermon information from the cache. To re-rest the cache for a particular sermon you will need to go to the developer console for Facebook here:

Copy the link from the Sermon page and paste it into the “Input URL” box and hit the “Fetch new scrape information” Button.

You should see the new Sermon Details listed below. You can now repost the link to your Facebook page and the data should match what you have placed on SermonAudio.

Note: This process will not change posts already made to Facebook. You will need to remove them manually if you wish to change the Title, etc and re-post after the cache has been cleared.