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Sermon Series

To group sermons together into a series on SermonAudio all you need to do is specify the EXACT same subtitle for the sermons and they will automatically be grouped together.


This can be done at the time of sermon submission. If you have already created a series with a previous sermon submission and just wish to add the sermon to the series we highly recommend using the “sermon series finder” tool pictured below. This will help to avoid typos and mistakes that can cause your sermon to appear as the beginning of a new series instead of including it in the one you intended. (This can happen even if only an extra space is introduced.)

series submission

You can also group sermons later using the EDIT window on the sermon page itself. You can also change the subtitle and thus the name of an entire series at once by clicking on the “Apply to All” checkbox on the edit page before saving the changes. This one check box will make any changes that you make to the subtitle in the current message apply to ALL the subtitles in that series.  A real time saver!

series edit
If your series was all preached on the same day it might be necessary to prefix the messages with a numerical prefix (e.g. 1, 2, 3 etc.) as the server will sort the series in the order it was preached.