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Submitting and Uploading Sermons via Dropbox

Submitting and uploading sermons to SermonAudio can be done via DropBox. This enables seamless recording and upload from some mobile apps and should make the process of submitting sermons easier more convenient and a little more robust for some of our broadcasters. Follow the steps below to get started today.

Step 1

The first step to loading Sermons to SermonAudio using Dropbox is setting up a shared folder.  For this to work properly you will need to have a Dropbox account setup that is tied to the same email address that you have on file with SermonAudio for ENCODING. Double check that the “Encoding” email address is the same one that you set up your Dropbox account with. You can do this by logging into the Members Only page and clicking on the PERSONAL tab.

dropbox email account

Once you have a Dropbox account set up for that email address you can request a shared folder with us by logging into your Members Only page on SermonAudio and clicking on the “activate dropbox access” link.

activate DropBox

Next, you will be sent two emails. The first will be instructions for naming your files etc. set it aside for now but don’t delete it, we will get to that in the second step. Your second email should look like this.

drop box share email


Once you get this email you can click on the “View folder” button to set up the new shared folder or log into drop box and click on the bell icon highlighted below. It should have a little notification number next to it.

accept share in dropbox

If you choose to log into Dropbox click on the bell and then “Accept” in the drop down. This will add the shared folder to your drop box.

accept share in dropbox2

Once the folder has been added it will look the one below. It should have two people icons on it to indicate that it is a shared folder.

shared folder in drop box

You can now drop your properly named files directly into this folder for loading to the site. Our server will pick them up and post them for you. Follow the instructions you received in the first email for proper naming of the files.

Step 2

Now that you have a folder created you can submit the media files in one of two ways.

Upload Only. Upload only the media for already-submitted sermon entries.
Upload+Submit. Submit NEW sermon entries and upload in a single step.

1. Upload Only. Use this when you have already submitted the sermon details on the site and you just want to add the media files. This will work for either Audio, Video or PDF upload.
To make this work, simply NAME your file using the [Sermon ID] of the existing sermon you wish to upload with the appropriate file extension.

For example: 123456.MP3 OR 123456.WMV OR 123456.PDF.


Please note that this will only work on sermon entries that already exist AND have NO media of the type you are trying to load present on the site. If audio or video exists, you’ll need to remove the audio or video file from the sermon record first. Standard video charges apply for video uploads, but there is no upload fee for audio uploads on existing sermons — If you choose to use the #2 method below that will be considered a new sermon submission and will incur a submission charge.

2. Upload AND submit NEW sermons in a single step.
NEW sermons can only be submitted in this way using the MP3 file. The system uses the information embedded in the MP3 ID3 tags for the new sermon details when submitting a NEW sermon via DropBox. Once the record has been created in this way you are free to use the UPLOAD ONLY option above to go back and submit a Video or PDF file as well.

Here are the ID3 field mappings for MP3 files:

Title -> Sermon Title
Artist -> Speaker (must exactly match an existing speaker name)
Album -> Bible Reference (optional)
Comment -> Subtitle (optional)

Optionally, you can also specify the date preached and the event type in the MP3 filename itself. Here’s the filename format if you wish to do so — with examples:
mmddyy-[event code].mp3

Example 1: 042109-Sunday AM.mp3 (Date: April 21, 2009)
Example 2: 022008-Radio.mp3 (Date: February 20, 2008)

If you omit the date or event type information, the system will default to today’s date and to the ‘Sunday Service’ event type.

ID3 tags important note. The ID3 tag must be set properly in order for the system to accept the MP3. It is imperative that the speaker name be an exact match of an *existing* speaker entry on SermonAudio already. You will receive an email notification if rejections occur.

If you are re-tagging a number of sermons and wish to use a comma separated text file (csv) to import/reset your tags from a database listing, the MP3 Bookhelper software is a good tool to accomplish that task.

Please note. The 10-FREE policy is unavailable with this upload (#2) method. The standard new sermon submission charge applies for every sermon uploaded this way. But for those churches needing to upload a backlog of sermons all at once, we hope this will provide extra flexibility and convenience.