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Why do you ask for so many permissions to install the Android app?

permissionsWe understand that there might be some hesitation in accepting all those permissions without some inquiry into what they are needed for. Let us see if we can allay some of your fears.

We have made it a point to ask for as few permissions as possible, but because of the way Android groups permissions and the fact that we provide more features than the typical Android app the list is pretty long. The nature of Android’s permissions is fine-grained, which requires that we ask for a lot of different permissions to use various features on your Android device. We also support a wide variety of devices, so all the features we need permissions for may not be available on your device, but we have to ask for them anyway to support other devices that use the same app. Android also sometimes clumps permissions together in unusual ways. For example, you may see “camera/microphone” but we use only the camera.

Here is a run down of the permissions asked for and how we use them.

  • Our app uses network (WIFI) permissions to be able to connect to SermonAudio’s servers. These permissions also allow us to know when the network is unavailable and becomes available again.
  • Permissions related to dialing, calling, and receiving calls are used by the app to pause our audio either when you place an outgoing call or when you receive a call.
  • Permissions related to the wake lock are used buy the app to stop the device from powering down or shutting off the network during playback.
  • Permissions related to location services (GPS) are used by the app to find churches in your area.
  • Permissions related to the device’s storage are used by the app to export sermons to the device’s public storage and the music player.
  • Permissions related to your contacts are used by the app to allow you to send sermons to other people.
  • Permissions related to your calendar are used by the app to add events to your calendar on the device.
  • Permissions related to the device’s camera are for our QR code reader.