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Why doesn’t my sermon appear on the site after upload?

First, check that the filename of the audio file that you are uploading does NOT have the following characters in it: / \ : * < > |

Files with special characters in the filename will be rejected by the server.  If you have included them, rename the file and try again.

The name you choose is really not important for us as the file will be renamed once it is stored in the database anyway. Just be sure to remove any special characters before upload.

Next, check the file extension.  This is part of the file that designates what type of file it is. The file extention is the three or four characters following the ” . ” in the file name. ( .wma, .wav, .mp3 ) .You may have inadvertently pointed to an alias or shortcut and not the actual file itself or you may be trying to load a file of the wrong type to the site.

The following are acceptable file formats for upload:

For AUDIO: MP3, WMA, WAV, M4A format only (any bitrate).

For VIDEO: WMV, MP4, MOV, M4V, F4V format only (any bitrate).

For TEXT: PDF format only (avoid large graphics and stick with text-only). PDF documents have a filesize limit of: 500k

If you are uploading a video try not to go over 1GB for your file size and if you continue to have difficulty with the standard webform upload we would encourage you to try the more robust FTP or Dropbox upload available.