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Wowza GoCoder Setup

This page is a step-by-step on how to set up Wowza’s GoCoder encoder app for LIVE broadcast on SermonAudio. For more on what other options are available and what is needed to set up your account for webcasting visit our webcasting help page

If you do not yet have the app installed on your internet connected phone or tablet you will need to do so before beginning this tutorial.
There are several quick and easy ways to see if your account is webcast-enabled.
  • Go to the Live Webcasts section to see if your church is listed as a webcaster.
  • Visit your homepage on SermonAudio and look for the webcast badge under the HOME tab. broadcaster home TOP - webcast badge
  • You can also visit your Members Only page, the webcast server will appear under the STATS tab in the “Basic Account Settings” section if activated.
You will need to have your account webcast enabled before you will be assigned a webcast server (needed below.)
Next, you will need to start the GoCoder App on your internet connected device. Be sure that you have a connection to the internet from the device you will be streaming from.

Note: depending upon the bitrate you choose the data consumption can be quite high so be sure to have a data plan that can handle it or if available use WIFI.

When the app is first opened it should look like this.  Tap anywhere on the screen to begin.

 Once set up you will be able to initiate a live webcast to SermonAudio from your mobile device whenever you want and as often as you want. The site will automatically detect your webcast and activate the notification buttons on-site and (if you have them installed) on your church website as well! A truly inexpensive and mobile solution!

To get started touch the settings icon in the upper right corner of the display. The icon looks like a small gear.

In the examples shown below, use your SermonAudio Member ID wherever the text “MEMBER_ID” appears. You will need to find your assigned webcast server at this point to ensure that you are connecting to the right server.

You can find this information in the Members Only section of the site under the STATS tab.  It should be listed near the top of the page under “Basic Account Settings”  If it is not listed there, you have not yet been enabled for LIVE Webcasting.

Members Only - webcast server

Your Host address will “look like” the one below but with the server assigned to you and where the prefix rtmp:// and trailing /MEMBER_ID is not included.  All  you need is the actual server.

Tap on the “host entry” and then type the server address into the “Host” field like the example below. Leave off the rtmp:// prefix  and Member ID like the example above.

GoCoder Server host1

GoCoder Server host2

When finished entering the server address touch the word “Back” in the upper right corner.

Next, select the “Application” option from the menu and enter your MEMBER ID in the application field.

GoCoder Server Application1

GoCoder Server Application2

Enter your Member ID as the “Application.”  There is no need to change the stream name but if you do, spaces are not allowed.  The stream name must be one word.  When you are finished here touch the word “Back” in the upper right corner.

Next, select the “Publisher Login” option from the menu and enter your MEMBER ID in the “Publisher name” field and your site password in the “Password” field.

GoCoder login

When finished entering your log in credentials touch DONE in the upper right hand corner of the window.

Next, you need to set the bandwidth bitrate of the webcasting stream. What you select here will depend on your connection and data plan.

Please review the details of this entire step carefully.

  • Video + Audio. Be sure both audio + video are selected. For those wishing to do Audio-Only webcasts please note that some devices will not accept an audio only flash stream (i.e. ROKU and Chromecast).  If you are trying to reach an audience that uses these devices and wish to do an audio-only broadcast please consider using WIRECAST where a still shot can be inserted in place of a video or at the very least just cover the camera and send the video at a lower bitrate to save bandwidth.
  • Max. Bitrate: 1Mbps (1000kbps)
  • Max Video Size (resolution): 720p
  • IMPORTANT!! It is imperative that your upload bandwidth speed is fast enough to ensure a smooth and successful webcast. Find out what your upload bandwidth speed is at your location. Your upload bandwidth speed should be at least 350kbps for standard live video webcasts and at least 1Mbps for HIFI video webcasts. Also, keep in mind your data plan limitations.  One hour of video at 1Mbps will use approximately 500mb of data.

Recommended encoding settings for webcast. If you are unsure of what to enter feel free to use these exact settings for your initial webcast setup. You can lower the bitrate, or change the video size if needed for your particular setup. Please abide by the limits as outlined in the above points. If you go over these limits, visitors may not be able to experience your webcast properly, your webcast may interfere with other webcasts in progress, and we may therefore be forced to terminate the stream until it is corrected.

First, select the video settings icon in the upper right of the screen.

GoCoder Video Setting

Next, be sure that both Video and Audio are selected to stream.

GoCoder video options

Video size should be set to 720p.  If you are planning to use a lower bit rate than 1Mbps (1000kbps) you will need to also lower the Video Size as well but 720p is recommended. When finished with your selection touch the DONE button in the upper right corner to return to the main screen.

Next, set the bit rate by touching the Bitrate Selector in the lower left corner of the screen.

GoCoder Bitrate Setting

If the bitrate you desire is not in the drop down return to the video size setting in the previous step and adjust until you find the desired bitrate displayed.

To begin a Webcast, touch the BIG START button in the lower right of the screen and your webcast will be LIVE and visible on!

GoCoder Start Button

Once the webcast begins the button will change to a small square.To stop press the button again.

GoCoder Stop Button

Please note that usage charges are accumulated at this point, even for test runs. Keep an eye on your current usage charges in the BILLING section of the Members Only Area.

That’s it! Congratulations!

The site is designed to automatically detect when you are “ON-THE-AIR” and will make it clear to all who are on the site that a LIVE webcast is in progress. When you are live webcasting, the button will automatically change from the OFF AIR button.

to the ON AIR button.

Please note it may take up to one minute for SermonAudio to actually detect that you are on-the-air. This simply means that the OFF AIR button may not change into the ON AIR for up to one minute.

You can keep the live webcast on-the-air for as long or as short as you wish. SermonAudio will automatically keep track of the number of hours that are used in your live webcasts throughout the month and then add the total hourly usage charges for the month to your next billing cycle.

In order to STOP the live webcast, simply press the “STOP” button or close the program. Please be aware that it may be up to 5 minutes before SermonAudio is able to detect that you are completely off-the-air. Do not be alarmed at this. We have taken these delays into account when calculating the usage charge for billing.


Welcome to Live Webcasting on SermonAudio.. and enjoy!

Feel free to email us at if you have any questions about this service.